March 8, 2024 - March 9, 2024

INNOVATIONS aims at cultivating the skills amongst the youth and all the technical aspirants by offering a robust platform to showcase your ideas and get recognised. Participants are supposed to compete with their project, concepts and innovative ideas. All the Futuristic, creative, innovative, sustainable projects/concepts are welcome. Projects which synchronises with the current needs of the industries and has the potential to disrupt the current course of technology will be Awarded. So, brace yourself and join in the League of INNOVATIONS.

  • 200 Teams to participate in Innovation challenge.
  • All participants will get certification of Participation from “All India Council For Robotics & Automation (AICRA)” .
  • 75K BDT to be awarded to winning teams.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Jr. Category : Schools or individuals may nominate. Participants’ age should be below 18.
  • Sr. Category : Colleges/Universities or individuals may nominate. Participants’ age should be between 18 to 30.

How to Get on Innovation Challenge

Innovations targeting any field of science & technology or leveraging technology to solve problems in Real-Time. However, the innovation must be a physical working implementation of the idea being presented along with all the necessary documentation. Innovations in the field of AgriTech, EduTech, HealthTech, FinTech, etc. or any other field with technology can be accepted for nomination.

Innovation and project ideas that are software-based and aim to solve a problem for the current industries and society can also be nominated. Technologies may include Cloud based projects, Machine learning projects, Artificial Intelligence Projects, Web applications, android applications, Cyber security, Blockchain, Bigdata, Cryptography, etc.

Startups/Participants with ideas of a startup can also participate to showcase their innovative ideas/concepts and get it recognized globally on the largest innovation platform.

Note :

  • The projects should be working and be able to demonstrate their functionality along with all the necessary data and supporting documents.
  • The project will be judged on the scope of innovation, creativity & uniqueness, and future scope.

Steps to Get on :

  • STEP 1: Register your RoboClub or Institute as TechnoXian RoboClub online at official TechnoXian website. If you do not have Club or Insitute, you may form a new TX RoboClub by introducing minimum 5 members. Registered individual TechnoXian member can also participate in Innovation challenge.
  •  STEP 2: Once your RoboClub is active, you may select Innovation Challenge category from the competition list in your login panel, and apply. You will also be needed to select members from your club who would participate in challenge. Maximum 10 members in 1 team can participate. A club can apply multiple teams for the same challenge.
  • STEP 3: Get ready with your innovative project, and share synopsys of your project with 250 to 500 words.
  • STEP 4: Prepare a video of 1 minute to 5 minutes (maximum 100 MB), showcasing team readiness, creativity, preparing for challenges, or anything to show passion to participate in TechnoXian. Share the video either on email at (as google drive) mentioning Your Team Registration ID. All videos will be uploaded on TechnoXian YouTube channel.
  • STEP 5: Receive an Invitation Letter from TechnoXian to participate in particular challenge.

Participants will present their projects along with the working model and supporting documents to the Jury and the Jury will Evaluate the projects on the Parameters discussed above. Most innovative projects will receive awards and recognition. Following will be the stages in competition

  • Each team/individual participant will be provided a dedicated place to showcase their project in front of delegates/investors/govt officials etc.
  • Team would be invited infront of Jury to explain and present project in evaluation room. Participant may use ppt/video presentation or they may choose their way to explain.
  • Jury would visit their allocated place to see demonstration of the project and evaluate

Priority will be given Most innovative projects. The project must be Innovative on the following grounds:

  • Project concept – 10 Marks
  • Objective of the Project – 10 Marks
  • Project Design and Construction – 10 Marks
  • Compatibility – 10 Marks
  • Implementation and feasibility in the market – 15 Marks
  • Eco-Friendly – 10 Marks
  • Development Scope – 10 Marks
  • Scope of innovation, creativity & uniqueness – 15 Marks
  • User Experience – 10 Marks

Venue : Bangladesh.
Registration Fee :

 Registration mode: Online.

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