March 8, 2024 - March 9, 2024

The drone industry is now having exponential growth. Here at Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd) Drone Challenge, students learn, explore and evolve along with the applications of today and discoveries of tomorrow. The challenge has been designed to build drones and encourage participants for creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, and enjoyment.

The challenge is to build a drone within the specified dimensions that are aerodynamically stable to achieve a successful flight. The competition has 4 rounds, in which the performance of the drone will be evaluated individually. The team Scoring the maximum points in the final round will be nominated as the winner of the competition.

  • 100 Teams to participate in Drone Challenge.
  • All participants will get the certification of Participation from “All India Council For Robotics & Automation (AICRA)”.
  • 45K BDT to be awarded to winning teams.
  • Categories: Entry is open for all age groups below 30.

How To Get on Drone Challenge

A match is played by a single team in one go, with each team consisting of 1 Drone.

  • An individual may participate or construct a team of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 members. Any institution (School/College/University/Vocational Institution) or group of students (within defined age), may form a team.
  • Register team for the specified competition online on the official Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd) website only.
  • Construct a drone between 40cm*40cm (L*B) and  75cm*75cm (LxB) (Measured diagonally – motor shaft to shaft / Wheel Base of the Drone frame) size and a maximum weight of less than 2Kg. the Drone fits the mentioned specifications as long as the design and construction are primarily the original work of the team. A ready-made drone kit is not acceptable, if found so, the team will be disqualified.

Prepare a video of 1 minute to 5 minutes (maximum 100 MB), showcasing team readiness, creativity, preparing for challenges, or anything to show passion to participate in TechnoXian. Share the video either on email at technoxianbd@frontech.global (as google drive) mentioning Your Team Registration ID. All videos will be uploaded on Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd) YouTube channel. The top 5 Maximum views will have special recognition at the tournament.

The team has to design and construct a drone (Tri, Quad, or Hexa) with the following specifications:

  • The complete Drone (including Battery and landing gear) should be of length minimum 40cm*40cm (L*B) and maximum 75cm*75cm (LxB) (Measured diagonally – motor shaft to shaft / Wheel Base of the Drone frame) and must weigh less than 2Kg.
  • There is no restriction on the use of any frame material or specification of the BLDC Motors, Electronic Speed Controllers, Propellers, Batteries, and Weight of the Drone.
  • The Drone must be electrically powered only

The field area would be approx 200 F2

  • There are marked/specified regions/spots to take off and land the drone.
  • Hurdles will be placed at a different locations in the arena.
  • Fields will have arrows marked to depict the maneuvering path.
  • Specific checkpoints will be defined in the arena for changing the batteries, adjusting gains, calibration of sensors, etc.
  • Time will be given to the teams for charging their batteries at the completion of every stage. The requirement of time of charging the batteries during the conduct of competition will not be entertained.

Pre-Game setup:

  • The Drone will be evaluated on various parameters such as design, construction, and innovation.
  • Every aspect of the Drone will be observed for scoring which includes the connection of various parts, fixing of components, materials used, aeromodelling, etc.

 Game Clock: The game clock starts as soon as the referee commands the beginning of the round and stops as soon as the maximum access time (5 Minutes) of that round elapses.

 Run Time: Run time starts as soon as the game clock starts/the drone takes/off and stops when the drone lands successfully.

 Flight time: The flight time will be the official time taken by each drone.

”Flight time= (Total Access time for the round)-(Run time)

 Round 1 (Elimination Round)


  • In this round, the team will be given a maximum of two attempts to complete the challenge. The best score out of the two attempts will be considered the official score for the round.
  • The maximum time allotted to each team to complete the round is 5 minutes.
  • The challenge is to take off from a specific location and land within the boundary of a predetermined circular landing spot in the minimum time possible and before the access time elapses
  • Points will be awarded based on the smoothness of taking off and landing, distortion in quad, vibrations and control accuracy, etc.
  • Teams unable to complete this task or having low scores will be eliminated.
  • If the drone crashes negative points will be awarded and the run time of the flight will reset but the game clock continues to run.
  • The top 15 teams to complete the circuit with the best timings will move to the final round.

 Round 2 (Showcase Round)

Dance Performance

3 to 4 teams to perform a dance in the air. An area of around 1000 SqM will be allocated to fly drones.

  • The referee gives a green signal. Within 10 sec. the drone should leave the base.
  • Most critical and maximum number of acts within 5min of fly will score maximum points.

 Round 3 (Safety Round)

 Search and Rescue Task

The team will be informed about a rescue area. The following tasks are to be accomplished:

  • Drone to pick food packets (weight appx 100gm), reach to rescue area, and drop the packets.
  • Further Drone to identify casualties. Pick a body (appx weight 150 to 200 gm) and drop it at to rescue camp.

 Round 4 (Final Round)

 Drone Prix

  • A maximum of two attempts will be provided to complete the challenge. The circuit needs to be completed without avoiding any of the hurdles. The best score out of the two attempts will be considered the official score for the round.
  • The maximum time allotted to complete the round is 5 min.
  • This stage is to evaluate the perfection in the stability of the Drone and the controlling ability of the pilot.
  • During this stage, the Drone has to travel through the gaps in the various hurdles, perform maneuvers and complete the circuit in the minimum time possible.
  • Points will be awarded for each hurdle and will be scored based on the perfection in control of flight and the time taken to complete the circuit.
  • The team completing the round in the minimum time to complete the round and scoring the maximum point will be nominated as the winner of the competition.
  • If the drone crashes negative points will award and the run time of the flight will reset but the game clock continues to run.

Radio Control:

Radio control requirements:

Radio systems MUST NOT cause interference to other frequency users. At drone, only the 2.4ghz DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) frequencies are allowed. Radio telemetry is permitted on 433MHz and 2.4GHz.

Venue : Bangladesh.
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 Registration mode: Online.

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