Campus Ambassador Program

Join the Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd) Campus Ambassador Team!

Are you ready to be the catalyst of innovation and excitement in your campus? As a Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd) Campus Ambassador, you'll play a pivotal role in igniting the passion for technology and robotics among your peers. Here's what we expect from you:

What We Expect from a TxBd Campus Ambassador:

  • Be a Source of Excitement: Spread the excitement and inspire your peers, becoming the driving force behind
  • Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd).
  • Build Connections: Connect with bright minds from all over the country, making friends and partners along the way.
  • Voice the Mission: Share Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd)'s mission loudly within your campus, igniting a passion for learning.
  • Learn and Grow: Gain experience in event management, marketing, and leadership, which can open doors to future opportunities.
  • The Face of the Event: As a Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd) Campus Ambassador, you represent the essence of this grand event in your campus, embodying innovation and knowledge.

Your Role as a TxBd Campus Ambassador:

  • Spread the Word: Let everyone know about Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd) right at your campus. Share the buzz with your creative touch and social media skills.
  • Inspire Fellow Students: Create fun and engaging events and roadshows that get your peers excited about technology and robotics.
  • Shape the Event: Your feedback and ideas matter. Help us make TxBd a success by sharing your thoughts and suggestions.
  • Showcase Your Campus: Represent your school or college at the big Technoxian Bangladesh (TxBd) event, highlighting your institution's talent and brilliance.

Your Benefits as a TxBd Campus Ambassador:

  • Develop strong leadership and event management skills.
  • Connect with a diverse network of like-minded individuals from all over Bangladesh.
  • Gain recognition and showcase your talents and capabilities on a national stage.
  • Receive exclusive rewards, including certificates, merchandise, and exciting incentives.
  • Elevate your profile for future career opportunities, setting yourself apart with your experience as a TxBd Campus Ambassador.

Join us on this exciting journey of innovation, learning, and collaboration. Apply now to become a Technoxian Bangladesh Campus Ambassador and be the spark that lights up your campus with the spirit of technology and robotics!

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